Wind Hunter® 48 V DC small Wind Turbine
04 Dec

Wind Hunter® 48 V DC small Wind Turbine

Wind Hunter® 48 V DC small Wind Turbine excellent for backup power on Telecom sites.
Hunter supply 48 Volt Wind, Batteries, Solar, Cabinets and air-cons. New technology and new fibre carbon design produces 1 kW rated power already at wind 12 m/s at very low noise levels. Perfect fit with Hunter’s 48 V Hybrid Battery

Wind Hunter® 2000 DC48V Specifications:

  • 3m/s(11KPH, 6.7MPH)
  • 20m/s(72KPH, 45MPH)
  • 2KW(20m/s,72KPH, 45MPH)
  • Rotor Diameter 1776mm(69.9 )
  • Weight 18kg(38lbs)
  • Mount Diameter 48.6mm(1-15/16 )
  • Number Blades 3
  • Horizontal axis, up-wind
  • Wind Turbine Type Blade Material Carbon-fibre
  • Blade Mass (per piece) 532g
  • Body Material Aluminium die cast
  • Product Finish Teflon-based paint
  • Generator Synchronous-type, three phase power generator with neodymium iron boron magnets
    Controller Built-in
  • Yaw control Free yaw (360 degrees)
  • Over Wind Control Stall control
  • Start-up wind speed 49.2m/s (177KPH, 110MPH)
  • Cut-out wind speed
  • Survival wind speed
  • Rated Power 1KW (12.5m/s, 45KPH, 28MPH)
  • Rated Rotor Speed 1000rpm
  • Maximum Power
  • Output Voltage DC50V
  • Braking System Regenerative electromagnetic braking system
  • Recommended System Off-grid: deep cycle lead acid battery, 420Ah or more

More information are available to download in Adobe Acrobat’s portable document format (PDF).


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