Outdoor Power Cabinets 3kW modules in steps to 21kW
05 Dec

Outdoor Power Cabinets 3kW modules in steps to 21kW

Air-con Combined 48V DC Free Cooled Outdoor Power Cabinets, Pre-Factory assambled with 19” sub rack 2 or 4 battery Shelf’s and 3U DC-AC Panel combined with rectifiers 2U or 4U Power Module plug & play rectifiers 3kW in steps up to 21kW, DC-AC Panel MB, CB, Fuses, Lightning Protection, RS, IP, GPRS Modem Communication with exclusive software for alarms, like smoke, door, flodding, anti-theft, emergency lightning:

Standard Cabinet modules with hight 1300/2100 mm, Width 650 mm , Depth 550 mm. Cabinets contains 2 or 4 battery Shelf’s that can carry from 300Ah to 800Ah battery Banks of Hunter’s high quality long life batteries.
The Power cabinets is fitted with Power Modules with 96% effucuency rectifiers for 380/220V to 48/24V and Power Modules can be added Plug & Play a long with power consumption increses on the site in steps of 3kW+Controler 1+1 module (150Ah) up to 21kW+Controler 7+1 Modules (1050Ah)

Low energy consumptiom from combined DC Free-Cooling and AC Air-Con especially designed for the cabinet with Sofware RS, IP and GPRS Modem Communication remotely or locally

  • Walls are double steel with insulation
  • Emergency & LED lights installed in top inside the cabinet
  • Cable routing enough with space on each side of the shelf’s and racks to route cables
  • AC Distribution: Breaker and Fuse Capacity from 1 to 3 operators in the same cabinet
  • Door sensor with dry contact and cable and alarm connected to software
  • AC/DC Air-con with combined Free Cooling pre-installed in the front door for easy access and sufficient functional space to internal equipment
  • Cable holes at the bottom of Cabinet with different sizes i.e. 2×2’’, 2×1.5’’,2×1’’ diameter

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