Hybrid Solar Batteries & Energy Storage:
05 Dec

Hybrid Solar Batteries & Energy Storage:

Go Hybrid recharge 4 times faster with 75% less space requirement – Our DG-Battery  Telco Site Controller with CANbus and MODbus Reduce diesel running cost up to 80% –  Communicate remotely check, Talk and Set your cabinet hardware with CANbus, MODbus, RS or TCIP– Our systems ensure ROI between 10-18 months on a DG Site


  • Lithium batteries are Quarter the size and have 50% less weight compare with lead batteries
  • 48V hybrid batterries reduces cabinets or shelters foot print or size with up to 75% compared with normal 12V VRLA batteries
  • Anti-Theft 48V batteries cannot be used in 12V or 24V boats, cars, trucks etc..
  • Hybrid batteries have 4-5 times faster re-charging after deep discharge compared with AGM/VRLA batteries. Operate with our DG Telco site controller against Diesel Generators as Fuel Saver for Telco sites with unpredictable power blackouts. The battery dicharge cycles can repeate 6000 times with 80% deep discharge. If operated with DG in cycles it can save up to 80% diesel fuel
  • In-Built Hybrid Battery Management System (BMS) Smart communication interface CANbus, MODbus, RS or TCIP for Managed Service and close NOC control and limits battery site service visits
  • Smart Grid Energy Storage with battery banks 700V – 1000 Ah cloned in parallel up to 20000 Ah
  • Global deliveeris Lithium Cell Batteries, Intelligent Climate controlled Outdoor Software leight Cabinets for Telco Towers, City Poles, Mimi links, Repeaters with quarter of foot print and hald the weight compared with normal cabinets

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