DC Solar PV Solutions
05 Dec

DC Solar PV Solutions

DC Solar PV Solutions with Cooled Outdoor Battery Cabinets 650 Ah or 1200 Ah Battery Bank , Pre-Factory equipped with 19” or 21” sub racks for rectifiers, DC/AC Panel, fuses , main breaker, alarms, adjustable shelf’s:


In some cases you might consider to use a complete power system supplied in a container and ready to use almost immediately after arrival at installation site.

The APS system is built around standard container sizes which makes it easy to transport and install. It can deliver its full power in just a few minutes after its deployment.

It is a compact versatile solution to your electricity supply problems.

The APS System is the preferred electrification means for several diverse applications, ranging from telecommunication repeaters on mountain tops to small villages in the desert or from a chalet in the Alps, to a small factory in a developing country.

The APS System comprises a photovoltaic array, a diesel generator, a battery bank and a specially designed control system. It combines the best features of each power source, in a compact solution pre-assembled in the controlled environment of our suppliers ISO 9001 certified facilities.

Photovoltaic minimize the consumption of diesel fuel and it is possible for the APS system to operate solely on solar radiation, depending on local climate and load demand. The APS System is classified as a “hybrid” power system because it combines different types of electricity generation (solar, diesel, etc.). Its control system has been designed to exploit the advantages of each one of these power sources and to benefit from the utilization of a battery bank.


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